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Tick Tock Clock

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid not much of an exciting update today, I’ve been working on a few things that I’m not quite ready to show off just yet and I needed a break from banging my head against a wall and decided to work on something smaller just to help fill out the overall world. I haven’t put too much stock into sounds or music just yet, which can lead to the world feeling very empty and dead, in a bad way!

I decided to cheer myself up by adding a simple bit of logic that I can use to run some custom events. This logic is easy to re-use for any type of activity, so even if it doesn’t end up being used for the music system later in the project, it still has merit from a designer point of view.

A little timer to help

The Logic Timer can exist in the world, be controlled by events and changed as and when needed. It allows me to do certain things when this timer is up

Example: Play a sound, reset a keycode, Unlock a lever

It may seem small, and you could easily just do this with a few nodes in the editor without going to all this trouble of setting up a new class / functions /delegates for this, however if you are going to do this more than once, make it an actor that you can re-use. Don’t clutter your Level Blueprint with logic if you are going to need to use it elsewhere.

As a programmer, you never want to repeat yourself or have multiple copies of chunks of logic scattered throughout your project. It’s messy and can be complicated to track down issues and make changes. Having a programmer (me) develop all of this code in C++ and just exposing this to your level designer (me) is great. Thanks me!

I’ll catch ya on the flipside.

Wear your mask!

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock Clock

  1. So hold on, you’re actually still working on Underhell? I’ve literally been stalking the Moddb page for YEARS and just found this in a message when I went to check today. Is there any way, anywhere to try what you’ve done so far? I stopped my journey at chapter 1 unfortunately! I understand you’re all alone working on this majestic project of yours, but I need details man! Great to see you’re still working on it 🙂 SO PSYCHED!!


    1. Hey, Thanks for your comment.

      I’m not the original developer of the Underhell Source Mod, the original author is Mxthe. I am just a huge fan of the original and started this little project. I hope you continue to follow the project, it may not be exactly what you are looking for but I am working to release a small playable demo when it is ready.



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