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Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I love the original game & characters. I also wanted to expand my programming skills and making & releasing a game is a life long dream of mine.

Q: Who are you?

A: I go by ‘Z3D’ (Zed) online and I’m just a huge fan of the original source mod ‘Underhell’ – This is my unofficial attempt to bring the game to a newer engine. Mxthe is the original creator of Underhell.

Q: Does Mxthe know about this?

A: Yes he does.

Q: I was part of the original development team and you are using my voice, music, textures & models?

A: Short answer yes, but I am trying to be as respectful as possible about it. Firstly If I use your talents, you will be credited and secondly I will attempt to get your final approval before anything is made public. I want to ensure everyone is happy before I go any further.

Q: Where can I talk with other Underhell fans?

A: Use our Discord! Link here. We have a lot of great members and even some people who contributed to the original source release who all passionately talk about Underhell on a daily basis.

Q: When can I play it?

A: Not yet, I initially wanted to rush out a playable build, but it was missing so much content it was just confusing and frustrating to play. Information will be posted as a release date draws near, however please set your expectations accordingly, as this is no way near finished.

Q: Will this be available on Steam?

A: More information will be available when we have a working playable build of the game. Most likely, it will be available as a downloadable installer.

Q: Are you making Chapter Two?

A: No, I cannot make this decision as the game is nothing without its story & script. I am aiming to replicate some of the original game in a new engine, hoping to inspire progress to continue with the story.

Q: Will this have co-op?

A: No. The undertaking to implement this is a lot of extra work. I’d rather focus on the single player experience for now but it’s not impossible – it’s just a lot of work.

Q: Why are there Source Engine Assets or janky looking animations or models in your screenshots?

A: I use a lot of Source assets to help with world building / testing systems. I aim to replace all of these before release. A lot of placeholder assets are used, so the content you see is not representative of the final product.

Q: Will there be modding support?

A: It’s too early to say at this moment. It’s not on my radar and would be a lot of work, but I know the original mod was created to have modding support so maybe the vision will be realised with this project. I’m not sure so don’t take this for certain as to whether or not you will be able to create custom levels / campaigns.

Q: Is this a remaster?

A: No, not really. Not at the moment. Overhauling the art of Underhell is not something that I can currently take on, as I have to focus on rebuilding the core mechanics from scratch in a newer engine. I also do not have access to the source code either, so I’m kind of just trying my best to clone the original in a more modern engine. This may change, but at the moment I’m not comfortable calling it a remaster, as it look’s god awful when it’s still under heavy development.

Q: How many people are working on this project?

A: At the moment, all programming, world building, scripting and most of the models are handled by me (Z3D Dev) but we have other community members actively helping out with occasional models, sounds and other assets. The list of contributors to the project will be distributed with any public release of the project.

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