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Dev Blogs

Welcome to the Dev Blogs!

Hey everyone! I typically try to get a blog post out every 1-2 weeks, but don’t hold me to that! I like to try and keep you all updated on the progress, what I have been working on. I try to share interesting videos and screenshots during the development as well as some of my general thoughts around my development process. All blogs can be found below, I hope you enjoy!

Some thoughts…lets release the 2021 demo

Hey everyone, Hope you are well. This isn’t the blog post / release post I intended to go with when I talk about releasing a playable Underhell UE4 demo. Yes, there is now a demo release – however its from 2021 and there hasn’t been much progress since. I write this as a sporadic ideaContinue reading “Some thoughts…lets release the 2021 demo”


There is no news

I hesitated to write this blog post as I hate to have to write depressingly boring posts with nothing interesting to say, but I’ll try to make this one interesting with a few new screenshots. The TLDR is: IRL, I have been swamped, overworked and a little fed up. I took a little time offContinue reading “There is no news”

Whole lotta loadin’

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give this quick update in the event that anyone does not follow me on Twitter. I’ll recap the last 2 weeks or so and give a little more info on what’s going on, since I’m not limited to a word count! I’ve been trying to participate in the weeklyContinue reading “Whole lotta loadin’”

Brief Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update so you know that things are still moving, just rather slowly due to my busy schedule. Earlier in the week I tweeted the following: I had declared an early victory, which is something you should never do, I then realised that I had anContinue reading “Brief Update”

March 2021 Update

Hey! I apologise for the long delay between the last update. Things for me have been very busy and I have had a lot of things to deal with, so my time and energy for the project has been severely reduced. I won’t go into detail but it’s not been a great month. Today, IContinue reading “March 2021 Update”

Bit by bit

Hey everyone, I originally intended to get this update out on Monday, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the week already. I’ll start with a few visual updates to grab your attention (before I bore you with paragraphs of text). I posted this some time last year about the Hermit area of theContinue reading “Bit by bit”

Monthly Review (November)

Hey eveybody, This month really flew by. I’ve had a few IRL things that have been taking up a lot of my time and some of these have been harder to ignore, so I’ve been a little distracted this month compared to before. Early in the month I released the ‘Prison Shootout’ video which peopleContinue reading “Monthly Review (November)”

Test, Fix, Repeat

Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick text update. I haven’t managed to record any newer footage yet but I’m working on it. I’m trying a new approach for development / bug fixing this week. I was drowning under the mountain of post it notes, todo lists and unfinished / partially implemented systems.Continue reading “Test, Fix, Repeat”

Prison Shootout

What’s this? Two meals devblogs in one week? Hey everyone. I had an idea today after work that I’d record a little A.I progress video for you to enjoy. I setup a few things in one of the maps to help make the recording session fun and then I started to record several takes andContinue reading “Prison Shootout”

Game Improvements

Hi everyone, The update for today is geared towards data geeks, but its an interesting one and an important one for ensuring a good foundation for the game to be improved upon. One of the new improvements is that I have been working on some rather common NPC actions / response systems, things that youContinue reading “Game Improvements”

Look Ma, no hands!

Hey Kids, don’t put your hands into machinery or you might end up like Jake… Jake has no hands! I didn’t come to this decision lightly but after wrestling with stock animations from multiple authors, I had nothing but animation problems. I was attempting to setup an IK system so that the hands could grabContinue reading “Look Ma, no hands!”

Tick Tock Clock

Hello everyone, I’m afraid not much of an exciting update today, I’ve been working on a few things that I’m not quite ready to show off just yet and I needed a break from banging my head against a wall and decided to work on something smaller just to help fill out the overall world.Continue reading “Tick Tock Clock”

Kicking Doors Down

I added some new functionality today which expands on the doors, again. I promise I’ll shut up about these soon. Previously I had no AI Action to handle bashing down doors. This has been added, as well as the Door behavior being configurable per NPC. This means all Infected can try to bash down doorsContinue reading “Kicking Doors Down”

The Massacre

Whilst developing AI for Underhell today, I ran into a rather amusing issue. I walked into Terry’s Office / Saferoom and found that everyone was….dead! It turns out that the Infected NPC that I had placed a few rooms earlier (the one that breaks the lever to a door after you leave the Butchery) hadContinue reading “The Massacre”

My first dev blog

Good to have you here with me today! Please be patient with me as I get used to this platform again. I’ve not used / been involved with web page admin for a very long time, so I hope I don’t screw things up too badly. Thank you for visiting my blog. I aim toContinue reading “My first dev blog”

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