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Some thoughts…lets release the 2021 demo

Hey everyone, Hope you are well.

This isn’t the blog post / release post I intended to go with when I talk about releasing a playable Underhell UE4 demo. Yes, there is now a demo release – however its from 2021 and there hasn’t been much progress since.

I write this as a sporadic idea that came to me today whilst working on the project. Yes – I’ve been trying to work on this again in my free time but it’s been very difficult. Whilst playtesting, I found that all I did was uncover more and more issues to fix and it seemed like this would never get finished to a level that I was happy with. This is something I struggle with a lot in my personal life and it’s something I really dislike about my personality. This project has been like a heavy weight that I carry around with me daily, It’s always on my mind and I want to see if just ‘letting go’ of this perfect idea for a public release and just be honest with you guys – This is the best I can do.

I realise not everyone will want to read all this information, so here is a link to the page which contains the demo files & instructions, a document that explains my frame of mind around the time of release and a known issues list.

Anyway, I know there are issues with this build, some even had a bug that prevented progression. This the last playable build from MARCH 2021. There are newer, but unfinished builds which contain additional features, better level transitions & ability to return to the main menu etc. These versions also have save & load functionality but these are not stable releases and therefore not available.

This isn’t ideal I know, but I hope everything at least works well enough for you to be able to play it from start to finish.

For those who want to hear my more recent thoughts….

I really do enjoy programming. I love video games and I love the creative aspect of it, however I do not feel that I have the capability and the time to tackle this by myself right now. Rather than keep dragging this out, I wanted to just pull the band-aid off and get it released. It’s not perfect, but neither am I. Love it, or hate it – It’s up to you. It entirely depends on how comfortable you are with a very very early build of a game being available to you, something which most of us don’t ever have the insight into these days. I have been continuing to work on this project over the last month or so, however with the limited time I have and the huge scope of the project I’m uncertain of how much I will actually achieve. I have no idea how this will be received but I hope that by releasing it, I’ll know if it’s something I should be proud of or not. I used to feel proud of it, however since its been in limbo for such a long time I have very much lost that spark.

I’ll most likely post more feedback, thoughts and comments over on Twitter over the next few days. I hope you do enjoy what content there is in the demo release. Please try to enjoy it!


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